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November 21, 2019, 01:16:51 PM

Author Topic: Best Quran classes offers in Ramadan  (Read 784 times)

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Best Quran classes offers in Ramadan
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:11:42 AM »

Learn Arabic and Quran Online school announces a new collection offers in Quran-study programs for the month of Ramadan…. May Allah accept it from us all.

The programs are as follows:

1. A course In completion - khatmah (reading) the Quran in a month: by reading one Juz'a per day with some rules of Tajweed.

2. A course In Tarteel (beautification) of the Quran: Learn the rules of Tajweed and memorizing the text of Tuhfatul Atfaal (the most famous text for learning the rules of Tajweed for beginners).

3. A course in memorising the Quran: the student will receive Ijaazah with a chain/link connected to the Prophet (PBUH) after completing memorisation.

4. A course in learning the Qiraa’at (various ways of recitation): with the biggest scholars of Egypt. The student will receive Ijaazah with a connected link to the Prophet (PBUH).

As the school also announces that it will have FREE group sittings for recitation of Quran WEEKLY. Students will be randomly selected.
And because Ramadan is the month of generosity, our school announces discounted prices for studying during this month.

30 hours of studying = 150$ instead of 210$.
20 hours of studying = 100$ instead of 140$.
12 hours of studying = 60$ instead of 84$..3 hours every week.
8 hours of studying = 40$ instead of 56$ .. 2 hours every week.

Save your money and time...study from anywhere and with your full time job...study with native teachers.


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