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Title: Finding Peace In Our Heart.
Post by: Abu Hafsat on October 01, 2018, 09:05:47 PM

 Indeed, all said and done, we can only find peace in our heart in the LOVE of Allah Ta'ala, our Creator and Lord of the Universe. And this love is reflected Sallah, yes... the Sallah we do/offer 5 times daily as Muslims.

 Sometimes, some focus on Sallah like some physical exercise to get rewards in Paradise; they are unaware of its spiritual reality. Sallah is in fact, the presence of heart and soul before Allah (Exalted and Glorified is He).... when a person gets annihilated in Allah completely, only then would his Sallah become Me'eraj. Allah Ta'ala created us of His Ishq and for His Ishq... we are sent to planet earth to prove our Love to Him, Azzah Wa Jallah.

 If any of our acts are without the love of Allah, then it is useless because He does not need such prayers. Afterall, He has lots of angels for this purpose. Actually, when a Momin (Believer) bows before Allah Ta'ala, it means he has given up everything; he is like a slave before Him and considers Allah the One and Only Entity (the Best) and himself as the worst....  ALLAHU  AKBAR!  ALLAHU  AKBAR!!!  WA-LILLAHIL HAMD.